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January 24th, 2006, 01:33 PM
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Well, sounds like its still too early to test. I'd wait until you're actually late for your period. If it's still negative after a week of no AF, then pop in to see your doc to test there and to discuss what the possibilities are that would cause you to have those symptoms.

Well, after reading your post, I'm praying for you that you are. It'll be so nice to have this happen to someone who so deserves it! Sounds like you'd be a great mom! Single or not!
If after all of this and you're still not pregnant, as I've said before, you should still sit and have a BIG talk with your hubby. It sounds like you really want to have this happen someday. Maybe if he knew how strongly you felt about it, he will at least be open to the idea. And if he still won't budge, you should maybe see about taking some time apart (at least to think things through and see if he's really someone you're willing to make such a big sacrafice for) or go for counselling.

I hope all works out in your favor!!! Take care sweetie! and Good luck!!! Keep us posted!!

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