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October 14th, 2008, 06:36 PM
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Do you know if your placenta is in the front or back? For me, I suppose that would probably affect my decision in your case (and man am I gung-ho for out of hospital birthing). If you have a placenta in the front and a c-section previously, and it's low lying with some spotting, I think I would have to make my decision after having a near term u/s to check on it again...just because the thought of it possibly being grown into your scar some would scare me. If you have no sign of growing into your scar, and it's high enough for the baby to come out first, then I'd UC or HB and pay close attention to how I felt. I wouldn't call 911 after the birth though unless one of you needs immediate medical attention. A friend that is an EMT said he would never want to be transported in an ambulance because of the yuck factor (guess sometimes they aren't cleaned properly).
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