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October 16th, 2008, 11:58 AM
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Before trying to conceive I made sure to have any necessary dental work done. At the end of May I had some work done and scheduled my 6 month cleaning for mid-November. I got pregnant in July. While my teeth and gums feel fine, I'm wondering if I should forgo the cleaning until after the birth. I've read that it's considered safe to have your teeth cleaned and that it's a good idea due to teeth/gum problems that some pregnant women face. But the 'go-natural' voice inside of me says not to worry about it if I'm not having any problems. To be honest I wasn't having any problems before the pregnancy either. They simply took x-rays, saw no signs of decay and ended with a routine cleaning.

What do you think about routine dental cleanings if no problems are present? No big deal, have it done? Or don't worry about it until after giving birth?

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