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October 21st, 2008, 02:44 PM
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I just ordered a "Kleen-print" baby foot stamper. I guess you never get ink on the baby which sounds great! Lots of websites carry them.

I've had lots of advice from a birth stories pot luck to have fresh young thai coconuts to hack open for juice for labor. I guess it gives you a great amount of energy and nutrients and I think someone even said it somehow has the same composition as blood. (I guess nutrient wise?!)

Some of the supplies on my home birth list is homeopathic arnica, sitz bath herbs, vinyl backed flannel sheets, hot water bottle, old towels, receiving blankets, lip balm, hydrogen peroxide (to get out stains), frozen cabbage leaves for breast inflammations, flash light... among other things like sanitary pads and gauze. I'm slowly starting to gather it all up myself.
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