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January 26th, 2006, 12:33 PM
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WOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!! THE BABY'S OK!!!! I'm soooo happy for you! I was worried about you!

Well, please dont' take this the wrong way, but your b/f's a f*cking jerk! Or at least he's acting like one! Are you guys living together? If so, I'd pack some stuff and stay with a loved one. Time to put your foot down and let him either smarten up, or hit the road, buddy!
Like I said in my other reply, you can't be around someone who isn't even willing to take you to the hospital if you have a concern! For crying out loud! He should be rushing you to the hospital over a paper-cut if you thought it was serious enough to go! Your story makes me so sad. But you know what? I know there's a happy ending to this story...A beautiful little baby!!! I just don't think it healthy for you or the little one to be around him. In fact, it's just not safe! (I know it sounds like I'm exagerrating, but you're talking to the girl who got a crib second hand, and I won't use until it's been stripped, sanded and refinished because the last people who had it smoked!! hehehe) You need to surround yourself with encouraging people who are willing to drop anything to ensure yours and your baby's health. That's most definately not too much to ask for. And if you're not living together, stop taking his calls, stop going to visit him, and most certainly DO NOT give him updates on the little one. He doesn't deserve you or the baby right now. This isn't to say he'll NEVER deserve you two, but until he smartens up and gets his priorities straight, he doesn't! If he doesn't want to lose you, he'll have to come around sooner or later! And sweety, I won't lie: It may take until the baby's born for him to come around. It sucks the big one, but it's a possibility. He may have to look into those beautiful little eyes to fall madly in love with this kiddo. And you know what, he may not ever come around. You know what they say, "expect the worst, but hope for the best!!"

But don't wait around for him. Don't continue this relationship until he does give you that. Let him know you're gone until he can learn to accept this baby, be supportive of it, and show a little respect for you and the little one. No one did anything wrong here, so why is he punishing the two of you? Let him figure out what he really wants. If he's that much of a coward that he won't even fight for you, then drop him! He's not worth your time or efforts.

I wish you all the best sweetie! He may just come around, but you have to stand up for you and most importantly the baby!! Good luck! And don't take any more crap from him!

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