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October 22nd, 2008, 03:52 PM
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BethAnn. I know how you feel about seeing babies and pg women and just crying. I have to stay away from the maternity and baby departments as much as certain times I'll start crying and others I'll get angry and wonder why I haven't been able to make DH a daddy. I have to have Faith! I don't have anybody giving me a bad time about the whole ttc process, but all of my friends already have their kids and most of them are almost all grown up. I just hope I didn't wait too long, then again, I'm glad I didn't have any with my ex so I guess that's the up side to being late in the game. So, I don't have anybody to talk to about all of this except my wonderful JM girls

So glad we can see your chart! Like Becky said, your temps will probably go up and down with AF but should level out to some degree. FF is great to work with and has tons of information. But, if you don't want to search for answers I'm sure someone on our wonderful board will have some advice for you. If you would like us to stalk you in the Chart Stalking Room, make sure you put a post in there so I can add your link.

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