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October 22nd, 2008, 05:00 PM
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At my midwife appointment today she told me the birth story of a lady who gave birth this weekend. She said she started out labor very early in the morning. She thought she was deep in labor but my midwife watched and saw she wasn't having contractions when the mommy thought she was. She thought ever little pain was a contraction which might have just been the baby moving. She was very fussy early in labor when she wasn't even starting to progress at all. My midwife came and checked on her but left for the day to give her some time.

Hours later, contractions were up to 2 min. apart. She was incredibly focused and working great through labor. Her contractions were nearly silent and she just stared into her husbands eyes to work through them while breathing gently but deeply. She only grunted and moaned the last half hour of pushing. She had the baby at 6pm.

Now that baby is born, she flinches at breast feeding pains.

The interesting insight from my midwife was that she couldn't handle the little pains but she worked just like a pro through the biggest pain of her life, labor. I find this valuable because an excuse I often hear from women why they want the drugs and epidural is that they have no tolerance to pain. You might come to think that from the little pains in your life but it doesn't mean you won't be able to handle a natural birth. It gives me extra confidence so I wanted to share this.
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