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January 27th, 2006, 09:20 AM
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I've just been feeling so lousy (pukey and queasy) that I made an appt with my doctor for this afternoon. I figure that either way I need to know what's going on. Whether it's a stomach bug (which I doubt) or I'm pregnant I need to no either way. If it's a bug - I can treat that - if I'm pregnant I need to get on prenatal vitamins etc.

So, my period still isn't due until my birthday on Monday or Tuesday ... but I'm going to ask my doctor to do a blood test for me. That should be able to pick up the hormone now even if it hasn't built up in my urine ... right? I figure, I want to know either way .... I can't take another home test and wonder if it's negative because it was too early or if it's negative because it's really negative. Ya know?

If she does the blood test for me - how soon should I hear something?[/b]

I talked to my dr yesterday and she told me if I took the blood test yesterday (like I did) then I should know by today...good luck and keep us updated!!
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