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January 27th, 2006, 09:39 AM
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Is it true that if you have pink/red bled about a week before your period.There is a good chance one is pregnant?

I had spotting yesterday and it was dpo 8 for me. Now it was told to me awhile back that is a sure sign.

Now, this is my concern. We aren't ttc or had any plans to. Our family is complete,BUT if by slim chance god is going to bless us again we are happy for that. Also, are chances are so slims,but I guess possible. My Dh had a vas. done after our 3rd child. It was the nonvasive one. just snipped and tied.

So,is this just a myth,or could there be some truth to it.

I should had I normally have spotting the day before I start af,but it usually doesn't happen this early. Nothing today,other than feeling tired. Which is normal b/c I got up and got 3 girls off to school then myself to work.

Getting ready to head back to work again.

Thanks Ladies!

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