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October 27th, 2008, 10:04 AM
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The past few days have been a roller coaster ride of ups and downs for me emotionally. I missed my oldest goddaughter's sweet sixteen on Saturday because I am in IN and everyone else is in NC, so when I called everyone took a turn getting on the telephone and telling me how much they missed me and how the party was not the same without me. I am supposed to go there for Christmas, but if Wal Mart does not approve my time off (without pay I might add) I don't know what I will do. I will have been six months away from my family at that point and I really want to see them.
Miss Eden is doing well (considering she is two weeks old and healing from the arm injury) and Miss Matilda (born last Thursday) is at home and thriving. I am anticipating seeing them both. Their mommies are old friends of mine so while it is wonderful that they got their miracles, I am somewhat envious because they are mommies and I am not. If I was in NC and got the BFP I would anticipate a daughter since it seems that is the current trend in births there. Well, I will test on the 16th of November (unless AF rears her ugly head) and either start shopping for baby things or just wipe away the tears and start trying for an August baby.
Since I work at Wal Mart (outdoor living and seasonal) I have seen an amazing amount of children this weekend. They have been playing with the masks and costumes in Halloween and staring with wonder at the trees (all lit and decorated) in the Christmas Shoppe. It is rough at times because I want a baby and I see all these children everywhere I turn.
Oh well, time to get ready for work.

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