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January 28th, 2006, 11:19 AM
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Hey all,
Well I've officially discovered that the movie "The Notebook" is the absolute worst movie to watch while pregnant. I told my sister it wasn't a good idea for me to watch that kind of movie right now. But she insisted I borrow it from her, as I had never seen it, and it wasn't as much of a tear jerker as everyone made it out to be.
Well big mistake to listen to her!!! hehehe...Yup, bawled my eyes out! And I'm not just talking about "movie theatre" crying here! I'm talking sobbing uncontrollably! For over 45 minutes after the movie was over!!!! My b/f sat there laughing at me because I just couldn't control the tears and I was crying so loud! he just sat there, holding me in his arms and rocking me, while I sat there and bawled, and he just kept lauging!

What a scene I made! Luckily it was only the two of us there! But still! So here's some advice: DO NOT WATCH THAT MOVIE IF YOU ARE PREGNANT! There should be a warning on there!

What's your most imbarassing/craziest/funny emotional moment during this or previous pregnancies?

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