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January 28th, 2006, 01:01 PM
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one night i was really tired and my roomate was keeping me up (he is such an inconsiderate jerk!!) but anyway we were talking about how far along a am (or was at the time) and he kept telling me that the doctor didnt know what they were talking about. at the time i think i was about 18 weeks and the doctor told me that was about five months. they gave me the edd as june 13. he kept telling me how impossible this was and i finally flew off the deap end and started screaming at him. (my poor neighbors had to listen to me yelling at like one in the morning) and i finally told him to go in his room. he did for about two minutes then came out and told me that i couldnt disrepect him like that and that he wasnt my child. then he left the apartment. i was so p*ssed at him that i wrote him a note telling him he had one month until he needed to move (the apartment was mine before i allowed him to move in so i get to keep it) then i told him i dont want to talk to him anymore. we have NOT spoken one word to each other since. i am just counting down the days when i get to turn his room into the nursery YAY
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