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October 28th, 2008, 11:00 PM
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I am planning to do a "Tree of Life" print with mine. It is kind of like a stamp on a piece of paper- you use the actal placenta to make the "leaves" and the cord will make the print of the "trunk". It is kind of hard to visualize but you can google "tree of life print" or "placenta print" and get a better idea. It's really neat because no one would ever guess what it is unless you told them. All of my friends (and my DH) think I am crazy but my midwife is WAYYY excited to help me do it. I am the first person that has ever requested it from her and she has always wanted to make one. I think it is a really neat way to remember this birth (my third since 2006).

*** also, FYI, you aren't supposed to plant anything when you plant anything when you first plant the placenta. You are supposed to wait a year because the placenta is so loaded with nutrients it could kill whatever you plant. It would make a neat first birthday ceremony to plant a tree with friends and family.

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