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January 28th, 2006, 08:00 PM
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it seems like everytime i get happy about having this baby..sooner or later my bf brings out the today he said he doesnt no how hes gonna be with his older daughter and then be with our child (when it comes) the same amount of time...and he says he doesnt wanna think about it or anything..i dont have an answer to it.. all i could say is do what u did before...he would see her then see me for a couple of hours..theres really nothing else i could do..i wish he showed that he was exited about it at least once in awhile im excited now about having his baby but i have to keep it all in!..mainly being scared of what he thinks..i dont no what its gonna be like in the future all i no is im gonna be here for my child all the time whether hes here or not even going to worry about anything just sad i really thought he would of been different...i no hes gonna be there for me and the baby but hes just hard to understand i just wanna cry...its hard when thinking that he was really happy about having his daughter but isnt happy at all about this baby

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