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January 29th, 2006, 01:06 AM
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I don't think you should have to hide anything from him, especially when it comes to how you feel about this pregnancy. If you're happy about it, then act happy around him. Your positive attitude may rub off on him. Be very encouraging to him. Tell him how much you believe in him and how you KNOW he'll be a great daddy to both of his little ones. The more he hears it, the more he'll see it too.
I know this is majorly frustrating on you. You want nothing more than everyone to share in the excitement of your little beaner. Unfortunately, people get scared about babies and the responsibily they put on people. These people just need encouragement. Maybe you could buy him a book on becoming a daddy for a second time. This may help him get through his fears about how to juggle two kids.

Good luck sweetie! I hope he comes around.

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