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January 29th, 2006, 03:35 PM
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Hey and congrats on your pregnanacy!!!

Well Im 19 and a full-time student (barely a sophmore) and this pregnancy was definitely unplanned. There is no easy way of telling your parent(s). I told my mom walking into wal-mart (lol yea great place i know) i just came out and said it. Just get the courage to say it dont sugar coat it or put it off...because the longer u put it off the harder it will be. And her reaction might be negative initially but just give her time to get use to it and dont get upset with her. My mom tried to talk me into an abortion (yea terrible but in her eyes she just felt it was the best thing to do since Im only 19 and still in school) but after a few weeks she got over it and she is so excited and supportive now. Well good luck and keep us updated!!!!

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