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January 29th, 2006, 10:10 PM
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hay wad up? i met my husband jimmy 5yr ago in may and in that time we've had the best times and the worst (nobody hate me) but i've had one abortion that was his it wasnt something i really wanted to do but at the time i wanted to be with him my family was all in another state i was living with him and he told me that he couldn't handel a baby that it was him or the baby and i had no way of doing it on my own i didnt even have a job he was the only one working well now here we are 3 1/2 -4 yrs later and we have a handsom lil boy who is 19m on the first and believe me jimmy was taking that pregnancy not so well at first until he went to the ultrasound with me @ 6w&6days and seen that there was actually something there it was like if i wasnt fat then it must not be a baby yet and when he seen the heart beat his whole out look on it changed he went to every single Dr.appointment with me he bout lost it every time i made a funny face or noise he would say "are you ok? whats my baby doing? just let me feel the baby, i just wanna make sure he's ok" it drove me crazy how involved he was but every one told me just let him be that he's just trying to get colse to the baby the only way he knows how well any ways now here i am 31wks pregnant with our lil' girl and he is just as involved as he was with Dillon (our son) & yes its driving me nuts but its alot better than when he wasn't involved at all and Jimmy and Dillon are inseperable and couldn't look more alike every thing daddy dose Dillon has to try and im just hopping that Alexa(the baby girl) looks like me cuz it's just not fair that i do all the work just for them to come out looking like their daddy so all in all it just might turn out ok and your man just might start acting right when he sees the baby
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