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January 29th, 2006, 11:45 PM
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that's messed up it'd be a cold day in h### when my hubby would ever do something like that he knows better he knows i'd get up and do something i grew up with 4 brothers and i wouldn't deal with stuff like that jimmy calls me his "lil firecracker" cuz i'll let him know if im mad or upset i don't hold nothing back he's told me a cupple of times that he thinks thats why we lasted so long cuz i don't back down and i keep him paying attetion he said all the other girls he's been with could never handle him they'd let him get away with any thing (dont get me wrong he's never hit or layed a hand on anyone) but he says that after awhile he'd just get bord with um' and stop talking to um' cuz they couldnt keep him on his toes like he likes
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