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January 30th, 2006, 12:13 AM
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Hay good luck i know how you feel im 31wks preg and i went and had an ultrasound done 3 times untill they told me i was having a baby GIRL!!!!! i was so happy but it took me a few of overreacting on them befor they would do it so finally i told them that i was having really bad side pains and that it wouldn't go away i wasnt totally lieing the babies fat head was cramed up in my side and the ultrasoud that was done can prove that but i mainly just HAD to know (hehehe) and i'm so happy im gonna finally have my lil girl i already have my lil man he's 19m old on the 1st of feb.!!!!! i've totally went over bord on shopping i bought her everything pink!!!!! i even found a pink carseat at the BabiesR-US store and a pink bouncer my husband jimmy thinks i'm nuts cuz everytime i see something pink purple and frilly i go crazy with spending right now i know she'll never beable to wear all the outfits i bought her she'll be to big before she can get into them but dose that stop me no i have a shopping problem my son still has all kinds of clothes that he hasn't worn yet i blame it on Jimmy cuz i wouldnt beable to shop if he didn't just hand me his money all the time i'm just a stay at home mom i wouldn't have money if it wasn't for him but any ways i'm getting off track I WISH YOU THE BEST OF LUCK AND I HOPE IT'S A GIRL TOO!!!!!!!! EVERY WOMAN DESERVES A BABY GIRL!!!!!!!
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