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January 30th, 2006, 09:52 AM
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Hmmm, I wonder how he was planning to make you pay for it??? The thing that concerns me the most is that he grabbed you to the point where it hurt you physically.

Yep, I'd talk to him because what he said was unnecessary and hurtful but at the same time...have you ever said something that just came out of your mouth when it shouldn't have or have done something that you regret later on? Was this the first time he did that?

Pregnant women can be very emotional and it's easy to let the hormones fly. But don't forget that the man in your life is also going through an emotional time as well so it might be a little "easier" to fly off the handle. Grant it, he's not going through the same kinds of changes we are, but he has very legitimate reasons for his emotions too (like worrying about how he's going to pay for the new child, worrying about you and the baby and whether or not the both of you are going to make it through labor and delivery, how he's going to get you to the hospital without having the baby in the car....just to name a few).

Just talk to him but don't yell or accuse. You're right...he might have just had a bad day...or he might not have meant it to sound as bad as it did. Tell him that in no circumstances whatsoever that he is allowed to physically hurt you (people go to jail for that) or lay his hands on you in an angry manner (and the same goes for women, too).

On the otherhand, if he's always hurtful and speaks to you like that all the time, I would reconsider your relationship. You are worth much more than that.

Good luck to you and your DH and I hope everything works out.

Let us know how things went when you talk to him.

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