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January 30th, 2006, 01:50 PM
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good luck!!! when i told my mom i was pregnant with my son who is 19m on the 1st of feb. she sat on the phone in total silence and said your kidding right? (i was 19yr at the time ) i was like no i'm pregnant but i didn't live at home and hadn't lived at home for 2almost 3yr at the time i'd been living with my now husband and she still acted all messed up about it even on my wedding day Jan. 9, 2004 she had the nerve to say to me are you sure you know what your doing don't you want to look around some more i was like MOM i've been w/ jimmy for 3yr we're having a baby why the hell would i look around. well to make a long story short my family now loves jimmy cuz i guess it took them seeing how he was with me being pregnant and how he took care of me i havent worked since i met him he's always supported me & thats by his choice and he's so good with our son Dillons lil eyes just light up every time daddy walks into the room and everything daddy dose Dillon has to try it too its so cute when i met jimmy we just worked together and i never would of thought 5years later (in may) we'd be married with one perfect lil boy and a lil girl on the way (April 3, 2006!!!) but here we are and our relationship is still as strong as ever so any ways i'm sure things will work out great for you and good luck with your mom just remember she'll come around mine did and now she can't get enough of Dillon my dad on the other hand has always been excited about his grandchildren telling him was a joy to do so GOOD LUCK!!!!!!
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