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January 30th, 2006, 02:10 PM
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OH I son destoryed my boobies i weighed 125 lbs when i got pregnant with him by the time i went to the hospital to have him i weighed 215 lbs. i was so over weight and so upset and my body looked like a road map but on the other hand i got a beautiful lil boy out of it!!!! and i lost all the weight!!!!!!! but with my luck right after i lost every last bit of baby fat from being pregnant my husband got me knocked up again so here i am 31wks and 190 lbs. so im back where i started but oh well this time i get to have my lil girl!!!!!! and that i love jimmy for!!!!!!!! i don't care how big and fat i get cuz i already found out once that i can loose it. but sadly the picture at the bottom was taken at the end of Nov. and i've gained so much since then you cant even tell im 5m in that picture cuz my husbands fat head is in the way but oh well its depressing for now and i'll just forget about it when i see my lil girl for the first time at least thats the way it went with my son so good luck just remember they dont go away but if you tan (after you have the baby of course) they become unnoticeable unless you get really close and point them out cuz i was back in a 2 piece last summer when my son turned 1yr (he was a July baby) so the year before there was no way in heck i was going in public in a 2 piece even if it was just to tan. so good luck!!!!!!
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