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November 3rd, 2008, 12:29 PM
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”Birthing from Within”by Pam England

I just wanted to say that I live in New Mexico, and so I had the advantage of actually taking a class based on this method - not actually from Pam herself, but from women trained by Pam. My midwife described the class as "airy fairy" (read: hippy) when recommending it to me, and it was that, a bit, with a lot of emphasis on drawing, music, etc. But even my husband, who is decidedly non-hippy, and who attended the classes with me, agreed at the end that it was VERY informative and insightful. And practical, too; we did tons of work with ice cubes and pain management techniques, which was very helpful to me.

I also LOVED the fact that it emphasized preparing for giving birth, as opposed to just going through labor. By that I mean, we spent a lot of time discussing fears not only about labor, but also about raising a child, becoming a family, etc. And I liked the fact that it de-emphasized birth plans. Nothing against them, but the class really tried to make the point that labor will not always go the way you expect, and your goal should be to birth in awareness, not try to make your birth fit some preconceived pattern you have in your head. And, surprisingly, it's not as down on drugs as you might expect. It points out that there are times when drugs might help a woman having a difficult labor, and talks about the compassionate use of drugs for birthing.

Anyway, this is getting long. Bottom line, I loved the class, I like the book, and if anyone wants some further insight, feel free to PM me or post and I'll go on for days if necessary.
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