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November 3rd, 2008, 06:09 PM
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I had my prenatal appointment. Everything is good (blood pressure, total weight gain is about 28 pounds,measuring 2 weeks ahead, baby is low but not engaged). We talked about getting ready for birth (when to call and how to get everything set up). She told me anytime after nov. 11 i'm safe to have a HB. The baby is laying on the left side but posterior. So she is encouraging me to do some exercises to get him to switch but she said if he doesn't that isn't a big deal. She said that the baby could switch during labor as well. As for me i am exhausted !!! My hips, back, and pubic bone are causing me a lot of pain. i've slowed down a lot. i'm hoping the nesting spell will hit me so i can some things done before the lil one gets here. i had a babyshower last weekend. My mil threw it for me but it didn't go so well.

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