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November 3rd, 2008, 08:20 PM
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It has been almost a week since I wrote anything in here. It has been pretty much taking temps every morning, getting some BD time in with DH, working between temp taking and BMS. I want to believe that this might be the month, but somehow I can't let myself get too hopeful. I mean I am so early in this journey and DH says that if we can't conceive immediately it might be for a reason (he says God wants me to learn a lesson about patience). Of course, watching Montel this morning (13 and pregnant) did not do anything for my cheery disposition. I actually whirled around in the chair and asked the tv (like it was going to give me an answer) "why does it seem a tween can get knocked up the first time out of the gate and I am struggling to get a baby who will be loved and nurtured and Wanted. . . Planned Even?" DH came into the living room at that point and looked at me like I had lost my grasp on reality, but oh well, I am entitled to be a bit nuts. My temps are up and down like a yo yo and when I have him in the house, I want to jump on him and BD like I am making a porno.

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