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November 5th, 2008, 06:41 AM
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Ok, so my update:

I am 20 weeks. Yipee! We should have our scan next week (if my MW gets on the ball). We're also switching very soon to my previous MW. I had some swelling behind the knee on Halloween that I noticed at work. It was very sore and I called my MW and she looked into it... thyroid, antibiotics... I was on antibiotics due to a tooth infection and my pants were really tight that day cutting off circulation, so I made sure to go buy clothes last night so I'm not squeezed anymore!

Can't wait to find out the sex Baby kept me up last night moving like non other! I've never felt movement like that with Kailey... it really did feel like popcorn... constant hitting and kicking and rolling, it was so funny!
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