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November 5th, 2008, 07:06 AM
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Hey vent away! There is nothing worse than seeing your baby in discomfort. Christian seems to be doing a bit better today, after his bath last night with Baby Aveeno and Head and Shoulders shampoo. Then of course the lathering and lathering of cream. He is on the Orapred, day 3 right now. I hate when he is on it, he doesn't sleep well and he is starving it seems. He isn't nearly as bad as your baby girl, but enough that he loses sleep and bleeds from itching. I think his ears and scalp are the worst spots for him as far as itching, and the top of his back by his neck. But those are slowly getting better as long as I keep on top of it. But a question for you. Are all of her outbreaks very flaky and in patches? Or are some just isolated itchy bumps, like pimples? It seems that the ones on his left side of his face, by the cheek, they look more like a bunch of pimples, not flaky at all, just irritated and itchy.
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