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November 6th, 2008, 12:58 PM
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I do speed bathing, which means I toss 'em in, soap 'em down, and rinse 'em off in about 5 minutes. I have 6 to get through the tub at a time, and I only have about 2 of them share a bath due to age/sex. I also can't keep my hands wet for very long or I have major issues with the skin on my hands, so we go pretty quickly. I've never been a big one for tub time bonding, but I never had siblings either so it wasn't something I did as a kid.

You could probably do a quick bathing and still be okay if he really hates the shower. None of my kids liked theirs until they were closer to 5 or 6, and even still it isn't usually their first choice. I just go quick in the tub.

I hope you're able to get somewhere. We're still struggling with Zach quite a bit. I will get him to the point where he is "almost" clear, and then he'll flare up really bad again. I had him in to the urgent care today, and the nurse and dr. were saying it looked infected again too. Ugh, it just never seems to go away! They keep telling me that it's supposed to go away by the time he's a year though, so I'm hopeful. I just hope it's not a food allergy that I haven't caught yet. Maybe I should ask about that....

It looks like my two youngest are practically the same ages as yours I have one that was born 6/2/06 and one that was born 2/29/08. They're such fun at these ages

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