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November 6th, 2008, 04:00 PM
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Hi, I am a mother of 4, birth mother to 3... I took no medications in my 1st two pregnancies, and I was a mess. With my last pregnancy, I took seroquel every night to help me sleep, I was monitored closely by my psychologist & she recommended it. My PCP also said it was fine & so did my OBGYN. I had my son, he was 9lbs., 14 oz., he was colic, he is on alimentum, I am not sure if this has/had anything to do w/ the seroquel, they did say that he could be "cranky-er" at first due to the medication but he was colic & that wasn't just cranky. I did experience PPD after I had him, something I didn't have w/ my other 2 pregnancies, again though, I have bi-polar & when you have bi-polar, your risks of getting PPD are more than 50% (which I never knew until AFTER I had my last son, thanks doc!). My son, he's healthy, happy, he's 11 months, gonna be a year in another month, nothing is wrong w/ him at all. When I look back at all of my pregnancies & how I "felt" in general as a person, I would have to say when I took the seroquel I felt the best. I am not going to lie, I was scared after I had him, I was scared of the side effects & the possibilities, but again, I was reassured that this was not a bad medication (like Xanax) and I trust my psychologist, OBGYN & PCP, they didn't even want me to take Motrin, so if they said no to Motrin, and yes to Seroquel, then to me, I felt good about it & looking back, it was helped me a lot & I wished I had taken that w/ my other 2 pregnancies.

If there is anything else I can do to help or you want to chat, just PM me.


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