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November 7th, 2008, 07:30 AM
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So I ended up coming home early from work on Wednesday because of the cold. Went to the dentist with no voice. They asked why I came in and I said because I was already feeling miserable, so why not. LOL....Then came home and went to bed. Called out of work last night and just rested and tried to sleep all night. Temp this morning was way down and then....Yup. Started to spot again. Wouldn't really call it light flow, as there is nothing really on the liner, but there is when I wipe. Now it's getting a little more color than before. So I guess I am totally out this time. The IUI didn't work. DH is trying to get me to stop broading over it and lighten up, but I feel like my whole world is crashing down on me. With him losing his job, this not working, me being totally sick, how much more can I take???? Atleast I know I can take my arthritis meds for a little while before I stop them again, since I need them so much after being in bed for like 36 hours....Gonna call the doc and set up an appt for my clomid check if she wants to do one and then get my script....I'll let ya know what else happens.....

Love to share pics on my facebook....

casey cochran melanson
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