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November 7th, 2008, 11:23 AM
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How is everyones planning coming along?

I have not started planning for my birth yet. We just got a dresser for the baby this week, I need to get all of the baby's clothes in the dresser, get its room arranged, and then I will start getting all the supplies ready.

Where oh where is my nesting urge? Before I got pregnant, my house was clean, my laundry was washed AND put away, my sink was clear, my tub was scrubbed, my toilets cleaned, and my floors were mopped. I slacked off for months and now I am trying to get it all done, one room at a time, plus the daily maintanance. I think that I'll plan baby's room for tomorrow. THis is my first lazy pregnancy. I was competely anal during my other pregnancies. Hopefully, I'll be ready by the time baby arrives, lol.
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