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November 8th, 2008, 09:07 AM
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The time for my husband and I to start trying to conceive baby number two is coming up so quickly... I can't believe it is next month! I eat healthy, exercise regularly, take vitamins, practice kegels, etc and I know I'm physically, emotionally, and mentally ready. Now that I'm in good shape, at an excellent weight, and have reached that point of feeling that I can do this in general.... I've been thinking of other aspects that I will be needing to think about in the near future (hopefully)'. I'm feeling somewhat discouraged by the fact that I may not be able to birth in my environment of choice. With Rayne I had so much going on already plus the post preclampsia, that I have no regrets of having a hospital birth... but this time I want something different. I'm hoping that pregnancy and labor go very differently the second time around, and would LOVE it if I could go to a birth center. The trouble is, there is none that I'm aware of nearby and I'm scared of having to travel far away when in labor. I guess the most important thing for me is to have a natural child birth, and location shouldn't matter so much. Do you think it's easier to achieve a NCB if you attend a BC? Should I be concerned with the Preclampsia in the past or are there ways that I can prevent it? Any tips or advice you could give me to choosing a location? When you found out that you were pregnant did you start out going to a regular doctor to get it confirmed or did you go straight to a Birth Center and remain there throughout the entire pregnancy? Thanks in advance!

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