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January 31st, 2006, 08:09 PM
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I'm so sorry to hear that he's being like that. And you were right, I almost punched the computer when I read what he wrote!! OMG! Well good for his little friend!

Let me tell you something. (Please don't think bad of me)....

When I was 20, my ex and I got pregnant. Well, I was very very very scared, and he was a jerk! He told me that if I kept this baby I would be a single mom. We had a great relationship up until then, then BOOM! His true colors came out! Well sadly, after tossing and turning over it, one week before they won't even perform an ab anymore, I went and had one. (still ashamed to this day). I just didn't think I could go through it alone. We ended up staying together for another 2 years after, but you know what? I never forgave him. Not because he was a jerk about it, but because after pressuring me, over a year later he told me he regretted the abortion and that he mostly just said all that because he was scared of having this baby, and the would have never left me to do it alone. *@!#$$% !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You're a lot stronger than I was. I mean, I fell for it. But you're not. So maybe when this baby comes he may just step up. It's obvious he's sh*t scared right now. (THIS DOES NOT EXCUSE HIS BEHAVIOUR THOUGH!!) It's just that, if he's great with his other little guy, and rubs your belly when you're sleeping, and then five seconds later acts like this whole thing isn't the slightest bit positve, he's obvioulsy confused. And that's why space is going to help soooo much! No more mixed signals, no more fighting. Let HIM be the one to sort through his crap. I mean, he already knows you're not "his friend in the US", so once that 3 month mark is passed, he may just wake up, and say "omg! this is really happening! ok...I can do this!!"
How was he when his ex got pregnant. Do you and her ever speak? If so, maybe you can go out for coffee or something and get some insight as to how he was with her. This may not be the best idea if you don't normally get along with Maybe if you and your guy have a mutual friend that knew him during that time, you could talk to that person and find out. Either way, he may just come around. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.
Good luck and of course keep us posted!

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