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February 1st, 2006, 12:32 AM
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My mom keeps telling me that all of her co-workers are calling her 'Gramma' now. hehe.

The day I called and told my mom we were on the phone for about 20 minutes before I finally told her. She started out the conversation kind of flustered because she'd just accidentially bought a new car (LOL....) Well, what happened was she'd gotten some thing in the mail for a prize, and to collect the prize she had to go down to the local Chevrolet dealership. So she went down there and it was some sort of shopping spree, but she got talked into doing a test drive, and somehow after an hour there, she had traded in her mini-van and bought a new car. hahahah... Only my mom could go into a place wanting a shopping spree and leave with a new car on ACCIDENT. So she basically was admiting that she'd been a dumba$$ and felt really stupid (but she DID like her new car - lol). When she was done with her long story, I told her that I had some rather interesting news too. Thats when I broke it to her.

There was the initial shock of it, but I could hear a little crazed excitement in there too. She's really awesome about it now too. I think they all come around eventually. At least we sure hope they do. ;

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