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February 1st, 2006, 08:43 AM
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Thanks so much for replying. I was getting discouraged with all these views and no replies. My fiance for the most part seems like he wants the child, it's just that his friends put negative thoughts in his head about it. Like our friend yesterday that was saying, "The baby will have a bad life because neither of you have finished college", "Ya'll won't get to enjoy your life", etc. Those are things this guy literally was saying. But like you said about the family support; neither of our parents would ever let our baby do without. Especially since this is the first grandchild in my family and the second in his. I told my fiance that the baby was coming whether he wanted it or not, and it would be a lot easier for him to accept it and look forward to it, then resent it and be negative about it. As long as he stays away from the negativity I think he's fine. He's already calling me "Mama" and preggers, so I think he's looking forward to it deep down. Thanks again for the reply.
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