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February 1st, 2006, 06:37 PM
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Hmmmm...Your man and my man sound like they'd become fast friends....

When I first told my man, he was pretty happy about it. He told me he was scared but happy. Then the night I went to my mom's to tell her the news, he went out with his bother to tell him the news and what do you know! He got some negativity! And who do you think calls me while at my mom's in a panic, saying he couldn't do this over and over again?? Yup! My boyfriend!! But I just gave him some encouraging words like "honey, don't worry, I'm scared too, but you know what? We're both strong and capable people! So I know we'll make it. Don't worry you'll make a great dad!" He ended up calming down, and in fact said he cried for the first time about it, and they were tears of joy.
So we're all happy and great about it, then his mom comes to town...And wouldn't you know it!!! Again he got some negativity (she actually pointed out slummy appartments to him and said "that's where you're going to end up!" !!!! ) and guess who calls me in tears saying he wants me to get an abortion!? YUP! MY BOYFRIEND!!! Almost a month being all happy about it, taking a weekly pregnancy picture and all! then Boom! Mommy comes to town and suddenly he wants an abortion??? HMPH! I told him where to shove it and hung up on him. Then he called me all appologetic, wanting to sit and talk about this. So we did, I fed him some more encouraging words, and wham! Back on the positive side...
Honey, we've got some very impressionable boys on our hands. But don't you worry! If they're THAT impressionable, remember! He sees YOU more than anyone! So that give you an advantage! hehehe!!!!
Just be VERY encouraging! Feed him compliments and make sure you tell him how much you believe in him.

And perhaps, maybe make his friend feel a little uncomfortable next time he comes over...Rub your belly lots, talk about the baby lots, show him u/s pics....And after you do all that, throw in a little "Ah, but what am I showing you all this for....after all, our lives are RUINED because of this baby...silly me!" Then ignore him for the rest of the night, or just be very cold with him. He's no friend to your man if he so selfishly crushes him and puts him down like that. Friends are supposed to be encouraging! He should tell him things like "Man! Well, a kid's a big deal and it'll be hard, but if anyone can pull it off, it's you man!" Like how bloody hard is that to say??!! Why are people such MORONS!!! Yeah, cuz we need more abortions and unwanted children on our planet!!! Thanks a lot JERKS!!!! What did he think he was doing??? Helping??? No way, he was just making things worse for not only you, but his so-called "friend" too!!! Well your man doesn't need him.

Ok, so I ranted like I usually do! hehe! So honey, be happy and show it around him. Whenever something new and exciting happens with the pregnancy, get him all pumped about it! He'll come around, and sooner or later, NOTHING will be able to break the positive! Not even his jerk stupid friend!!

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