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February 1st, 2006, 06:32 PM
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I'm hoping that everything turns out for you two. I hope he comes around...Otherwise, he'll be missing out on all the experiences a new little baby brings.

No, actually we didn't find out the sex! Can you believe it!!! The u/s tech did the whole u/s, we got 60 pictures of it, and yet he refused to tell us the sex! urgh!!!! So we're still clueless, apart from the gut feeling I have that it's a girl. And as for the mom situation...well....meh! Well she doesn't see me as anything more than just his g/f, so whatever...I guess this baby is "just my baby", not anything that's part of her family...I need to see some positive from her before I can see it any differently. But at least now it's no biggy how I feel about it, because my b/f has FINALLY gotten off my back about having this "warm and fuzzy", close relationship with her, so who cares how I feel!!! At least now I don't have him pressuring me to force myself to be all "close" with her.

Well, anyhoo, keep me posted on how things go with you and the dad. And give the baby a big tummy hug for me!!!

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