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November 13th, 2008, 11:09 AM
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Better late than never, I suppose!

Let's see, I began having pre-labor contractions about 5 days before Karmen's actual birth. They were pretty consistent, but not as painful as the nurses wanted them to be. I went to L & D twice, and even though I was having regular contractions, they sent me home. Once because my doctor told them to, and the second time because they were so busy that they couldn't take anymore women. Since I wasn't in "active" labor yet, they had to.

So by Wednesday of that week, I was getting pretty ticked. I had a doctor's appointment, but DID NOT want to go. I remember saying that I wasn't going to, but DH talked me into it. I was like, "I'm already in labor, what exactly is my doctor going to do?" I think I was in the longest pre-labor and early labor of all time. I think I had less sleep those nights, than I did after K was born.

I went to my appointment as schedule, and my doctor decided to strip/sweep my membranes to speed things up. I remember watching him put on his gloves, and his hands were shaking. I was thinking, "WTH, has he not done this before?" It wasn't painful at all, and only took a second. He said he was almost positive it would send me into active labor, because I was already dilated to a 3.

Well, it worked. DH and I went to Sonic because I was starving, and knew that they wouldn't let me eat once I got admitted into the hospital. (That was a bad idea , I'll explain later) My contractions were much stronger by then, and I knew I'd be going to the hospital that day or night. This was about 4:00 p.m. DH kept saying, "don't you wanna go yet?" I was like, "He## no, because I want to make SURE they don't send me home this time."

About an hour later, I figured I'd better go ahead and go to the hospital. It's only 2 blocks from our house, anyway. I was fairly nervous, but mostly too tired to be, because I hadn't sleep much in the past week.
Once I got there, I was still only a 3 1/2 so I walked around the hospital for an hour or so, having to stop every couple minutes, because the contractions were starting to really hurt.

FINALLY, I made it to a four! I got settled into my room, gown, etc. My nurse, that I'm going to refer to as "witch", came in and asked me when I would like an epidural. I said, "not yet, but I definitely want one".

This was all about 6 p.m. or so. I was dilated to a 5 or 6, and they came in to break my water.. The contractions really started getting strong then, so I asked for my epidural. Wouldn't you know it? The ONLY anesthesiologist they had on call was in surgery. So, I was like fine whatever I can wait, surely it won't be that long. Boy, was I wrong.

I started shaking and throwing up soon after. (that sonic didn't taste so good the second time around) The nurses didn't know I would dilate that fast, so they didn't check me but maybe 3 times the whole time I was there. I kept thinking, oh crap, I'm already in transition. I knew I had to be at least a 7 or I wouldn't be throwing up. This whole time, I'm like holding onto the handles of the bed, because the contractions were so intense that I couldn't hardly even breathe. I wanted to tell DH and "witch" to shut up, because they kept telling me I needed to breathe. Breathing really hurts when you're in labor, because you don't even want to move your stomach at all.

So, there I was, laying in the bed, staring at the clock on the wall, thinking "Please Lord let the man with the drugs be here soon". But deep down, I knew he wasn't coming, and that only made the pain seem worse.

"Witch" was like "well, after a certain point, it can't possibly hurt any more". Yea, that's reassuring lady. Plus, that was a LIE!

I was literally laying in my bed TRYING to pass out, because I thought I was just going to die it hurt so bad. I kept feeling like I was going to, but then I wouldn't. Funny how the one time I really need to, I can't.

Pretty soon, I felt like I had to take a huge dump and the contractions stopped having breaks inbetween them. They were just one right after the other. I was like, "oh sh& %, it's time". The anesthesiologist finally got out of surgery, and then there was a pretty bad wreck in town, so he had to go to the ER. By that time, I wanted to strangle him. "Witch" came back in and started telling me I needed to get up and pee. I guess she didn't want to do a cath. I was like, "umm I don't think I could walk even if I wanted to". We argued about that for 5 minutes probably.

She FINALLY decided to check me, and she got this shocked look on her face and said, "oh sweet pea, you're ready to push". I was like thanks for the notice but my body was already pushing on its own. That's the weirdest feeling in the world, when you're trying not to push, but youre body is pushing at the same time. So, I was sitting there telling the nurse no way jose was I going to push without an epidural, but yet, I was pushing. The nurse was like " you've made it through the hard part, so just push if you feel like it". Easy for you to say lady. I knew that was ALSO a lie.

FINALLY, the anesthesiologist walked in, but by then it was too late for an epidural. He came me some sort of shot, but I was so delusional that I thought it was an epidural and was all looking for the tube and everything. Everything happened so fast that my doctor wasn't even there yet, and the nurse was like "well I didn't wanna catch this one, but I guess I will". How sweet.

They started setting everything up for the delivery, and my dr. finally came in. I was happy to see him. It only took 3 pushes and Karmen was out!! I didn't need an episiotomy, and I only ended up having 2 little bitty surface tears.

The first thing I thought when Karmen came out, was "Wow, shes tiny." DH cut the cord, which he said he wouldn't do, and they handed her to me. She was the most precious thing I'd ever seen. I was in love. They took her to weigh her and clean her up and whatnot, and I just flopped back on the bed. I was exhausted! But, the pain really does end when it's over. I didn't have to worry about getting my feeling back, so that was good I guess.

Karmen weighed 6.0 lbs, and was a mere 17.5 inches long! Shes a shorty, still.

If you made it through this, thanks!

"What I do today must be important because I am exchanging a day of my life for it."
-Author Unknown

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