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February 2nd, 2006, 05:53 AM
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Sorry to butt in your guys conversations but i wanted to let Jade know that everything will be ok. your story sounds oh so familiar. You arent being selfish because there is help out there and some how us mothers end up making it by. I am, and i am going to school, doing this by myself, i dont even talk to the dad because i dont know how to get ahold if him, and hell he doesnt even know his daughter just had another surgery yesterday morning. I make it by, your love will get you by if anything. Friends are always willing to help any way that they can i have learned as well whether it only be someone to lean on. Dont give into him if you want your baby. I know that you can do it. My Baby girl is now 4 months old and we have been doing just fine. and let me tell you I am no rich person either, i have a job that pays 7 dollars an hour plus school. If i can make it you can as well.
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