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February 2nd, 2006, 06:52 AM
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My fiance is headstrong for an abortion and I do not want to have one. I thought that maybe I wanted to have one because we already have 2 kids and are miles high in debt. But why would he want to do this just because things are going to get alittle tighter than it already is. I dont know what to do. I feel like if i do have one we will break up and if I dont then he will walk out on us. I am 21 and in school and although I will finish out the semester I wont be able to go back for awhile. He will probably have to get another job while I stay at home, and he has already said that he is not up for working two jobs. Right now I hate him. I wish that I would have a miscarriage soemtimes so I dont have to make this deciscion. We might have to move out of our 3bedroom TH to a 2 bedroom apartment and things will be more cramped. Its like We cant see the forest for the friggin' trees, you know? I love him with my whole heart but I am really thinking about leaving and jsut going into public housing until I can get myself together. I am so confused and angry. I have totally lost my appetite and i know i need to eat but I am so sad for my baby. Any advise would be great I have no clue what to do right now.

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