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November 14th, 2008, 04:17 PM
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i had my 10 week appt on sept 18th, 2008, they did an ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy and they said i was 5-6 weeks rather than 10 weeks.
sept 19th, i started bleeding, they had me come in for a blood test to check my hcg level, and it was decreasing.
it has been almost 2 months and my hcg is down to 36 and ive had constant bleeding since sept 19th. i made an appt w/ the doc for monday, hes concerned that my hcg level is taking too long to drop to zero and is also concerned that im still bleeding heavily. my question is, is it normal for a miscarriage to last this long? my hcg level started at 10,000. also why is it taking so long for my hcg to get to zero?
i have 2 children and this has been my 1st miscarriage.
thank you in advance for your replies!
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