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February 2nd, 2006, 12:20 PM
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Hey Kristyn...I'm so sorry you have to go through all that with your guy. If you're not comfortable having an abortion, then too bad for him! You'll regret it if it's not something YOU want to do. You have two kids now, what makes him or you think you can't handle another one? Sounds like you're a strong cookie, so whether he decides to be a poopoo head and walk out or not, you can make it.
For one, debt can ALWAYS be reversed. You should see about making an appointment with your personal banker asap, explain the situation, and see if there's a way to minimize your debt or do a debt consolidation loan for your credit card and anyother debt you may have. This will bring down your interest rates (because we all know how much credit cards rip us off!!) and you can set up manageable monthly, or bi-weekly payments. Yes, it may seem like it'll take soooo long to pay off, but it'll free up some other money for you guys to be able to manage another little one in the house.
You have two kids already, so I'm sure you've got a crib, and all the big stuff you need for a little baby (and if not, hand-me-downs and second hand stores will save you!) so you shouldn't have any problems there. The first year for a baby is relatively cheap...You can save money by breast feeding (free!!). You'll also be home for a year or so on maternity leave or whatnot, so if your kids are in day care now, you can keep them at home for that year that you'll be home with the new little one. That's a lot of money saved right there! Plus family and friends are a great asset to have! They'll be there to help you out. Loved ones will never let you or your kids go without.

Trust me, there's always a way to get it done. When we first found out about this little beaner, my man was actually jobless and there were moments where he wasn't exactly thrilled about having this little one. But he worked really hard at getting a good job and now he's making double what I make at my job (that jerk!!hehe oh well, he can support my a** then!! JK!) and he couldn't be happier about the baby now! Once you guys get all your finances figured out, and decide on how you guys will manage the home and job situation with a new little one around, he should come around. He's probably just scared of the unknown right now. Men usually like numbers, facts, and a set game plan.

Just remember, you're not alone, even if he does end up leaving. You've got your kids, and there are so many support groups out there that can help you manage. Take care and good luck!!!

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