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November 15th, 2008, 05:49 PM
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My water broke at 1am on monday. I called the MW and she said put a pad on, go back to sleep and call her when the contractions started. DH called into work and we kept Tyler home from school because we figured that I'd have the baby that day. Well nothing happened other than random contractions. That night I had more contractions. Some started to get regular but when I started to time them they went away. My midwife came Tuesday morning to check on me. She listened to the baby for a while and his heart rate for a while and it sounded fantastic. She checked me and I was 3-4cm but my cervix was still pretty thick. She said his head wasnt in the best position so she gave me some homeopathic remedies and a few stretches to do to put him into position. Everytime I'd do the stretches I would get a contraction but still nothing regular. Around 4:45pm I started getting contractions anywhere from 5-8 minutes apart. I called my MW around 5:10pm and she said to go eat, feed the kids and call her back in an hour because my body had some work to do. I called my mom and DH asking them to come over/home soon. At 5:45 things started to change. I had 4 contractions that were only 2 minutes apart and the last one was intense pressure. I told DH he needed to call the MW now. He went scrambling somewhere in the house even though the phone numbers were right in front of him. So I called her and told her things changed and were happening fast. She said she was leaving that second. Right after I hung up the other MW called to give DH directions on what to do in case they couldnt make it in time. I could hear her getting in the car while she was on the phone. I couldnt sit, I couldnt move, all I could do was lean against the dresser while standing/rocking back and forth. At some point I told DH that she wasnt going to make it in time. I think DH freaked. Right after I said that the MW called and said she was getting off the exit and would be right there. That was the only thing giving me the strength to hold him in. I had started to bear down a little before she came because its the only thing that gave me a little relief. The MW arrived and I told her he was coming soon. Her and the student MW started pulling things out of the kit and setting up. As soon as they put the chux pad under me I started pushing. By the way I was still standing up leaning against the dresser. The MW told me that as soon as she caught him she was going to pass him up to me so I had to be prepared. Well 12 minutes after the MW arrived NOAH MICHAEL was born. He was so slimy that I'm glad my mom was there to help me pull him up. The other MW arrived about 10 minutes after he was born. We were surprised that he was so much smaller than the other 2 kids since they say the kids get bigger each time. He is doing fantastic. Got a 10/10 on his apgars. He's nursing well although it takes him a few times to latch on correctly. He was actually 6lbs 4oz and 19.5 inches long. I was in active labor for only 2hrs and about 42hrs after my water broke because he was born at 6:52pm.

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