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November 16th, 2008, 11:50 AM
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If you do not have the baby by Thanksgiving I nearly guarantee that you'll go into labor soon after eating Turkey... it has the muscle relaxing effect. It's sent my MIL and SIL (with both her children) into labor immediately after Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner. LOL!

With my MIL she set her fork down as soon as she was done eating and her water broke (this was with DH). My SIL (dh's sister) ate Thanksgiving dinner (dh and I stayed at her apartment that night to hang out) and she was meeeeeeean, moody and just grumpy... She was different. Her water broke at 3am..... Then with her last baby in 2005 we were at her family's house for Christmas on Christmas Eve and 30 minutes after eating dinner she looked at me and smiled.. I started timing her contractions LOL!!! Baby girl was born on Christmas.
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