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February 2nd, 2006, 04:45 PM
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i dont no whats wrong with me anymore.. im constantly thinking that my bf is flirting with other girls...i cant help it!..he has done it before and i even talked to one of the girls that told me he was flirting with her and that was the last time..i never even thought about it but now its like im constantly worrying that hes flirting with other girls (maybe its because im pregnant)...i no deep down i trust him but its just hard too..theres times that i just feel like telling him to just leave me alone (for as long as possible) while he gets over his little boy ##### and when hes ready to act a man and stop flirting then come back to me..but i dont wanna because i dont want to accuse him of anything that i dont no for a fact hes doing....i think im just overly thinking..###### im glad i have this board to come to..what would i do without u guys!! id be lost take care everyone!

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