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February 2nd, 2006, 08:13 PM
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hey there, dont worry everything you are feeling is totally normal... when i got PG with my son, i was only with his father for 2 months. i was about to get evicted from my apartment, i had a crummy job wit no benefits... i was in a bad spot, but i kept the pregnancy and i kept my son, now...

im married, to the father
i did get evicted, but we got into an awesome apartment and stayed there a year, we are living with parents right now to save for a house (real hard to do when your paying 900 a month in rent!)
i am a stay at home mommy so now i have the best/hardest job in the world

bet you didnt see that happening!!! we are on WIC. get on this, it helps so much.. i was on medicaid for my pregnancy it was wonderful, everything was covered.. and we are happy. yea we had to make adjustments, went two months where we only ate ramen noodles... but our son has never gone without... and things just worked out for us...

its totally normal to have these fears, but with support, a father who is there and love.... anything is possible...
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