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February 3rd, 2006, 06:07 AM
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I actually did talk to his mom, because I didnt know what else to do, and later I sent him pictures of how an abortion looked, exactly what it was and complications. his friends didnt say that was what he needed to do but they have experienced abortions before and one of his friends said that he had many before. I was so stunned. So I felt kinda defeated. But later on last night we really talked and I told him that this was so cruel and that I didnt think I would ever be the same or want to have any other kids, because of this and he again explained his position and finally after much debate .....WE ARE GONNA HAVE A BABY!!! I am excited and I still have a little fear in my mind because i know he is nervous. I guess I should clarify my two kids are from a previous mariage and so this is his first. So I got him to admit it was more him being scared and failing at being a dad than anything else. Did any of you go through that with DH or fiance/boyfriends? Why are they so scared? It is a joyful experience, and I only wanted him to experience this and do what is right. I used to think I was pro choice, but I am not so sure anymore, especially since I was close to going through with it. I set up an appointment too. Northcutt2b I really hope that he comes to the light and wants to do this. I have and wil keep praying for you.

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