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February 3rd, 2006, 07:07 AM
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ohh sweetie! im so happy for you! and just so you know, its totally normal for him to be fearful of being a dad.. its a huge deal! he s going to be responsible for this little person for everything from now on.. he cant only think for himself anymore, was his father around when he grew up? that could be a factor... i have a 14 month old and i still get fearful at times about the fact that, my son isnt going to go away. he is here until he is 18 years old... i was outside smoking and i saw children walking to the school bus and i was stunned o realized that im going to have to get kids up in time to make an 8am bus! im not a morning person, so.. what he is feeling is normal, and in time.. you will start having the same fears... its parenting! plus, the fact that his life will be totally changing, hes going to have a baby... a lot different than kids...
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