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February 3rd, 2006, 11:50 AM
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Hey! Congrats and good for you for standing up for yourself!
His fear is totally normal. My man's dad wasn't really in the picture either, and so I know he was really scared about turning out like him. I just asked him one day what made him think he was anything like his old man? He's not abusif, he's not a deadbeat...That just opened his eyes a little. He was like, "yeah, you know what? I always told myself that I would never be like him and that I'd be there for my kids. I'm not like him!"
Now he's really excited! He even gets really touchy when I accidentally say "my baby" instead of "our baby" !!
I think it's a great idea for you guys to get a book! In fact, for x-mas I bought my man "the idiots guide to fatherhood"...and I've read it, and it's great! It goes through everything that a woman is going through, emotional and physical. It also tells guys how to prepare for a little one, what needs to be done, how to properly take care of a pregnant's awesome!!! There are some really great books like that out there. And for yourself, I'd recomment "Girlfriend's guide to pregnancy"....IT'S HILLARIOUS!! And tells you like it is, from a real woman's point of view, not a doctor's. It's fabulous!!

Good luck honey! And I'm soooo happy to hear he's coming around! How wonderful is that!!! Now, drink lots of milk, eat lots of yummy food and get lots of rest! After all, this is YOUR time to shine!!!

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