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November 20th, 2008, 12:46 AM
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Last week we ordered my son's bedding from BRU & it came in today!! (well yesterday since it's 2:33am)

Here is my lovely DF with Maddox's gorgeous bedding!

It's even more gorgeous in person than on BRU's website!

here's a pic of the bedding from the internet..

Here is the 3-piece furniture set we plan on purchasing:

Then... also we will be purchasing a glider & outtoman

I *think* we have decided on paint colors as well.. I just wanted to post in here & see what you ladies thought! We are planning to paint the 2/3 of the nursery wall (bottom up) a light green [to match bedding] and then painting a white horizontal stripe (maybe 5 inches thick) and painting the remainder of the wall (up to the top) the pale yellow [to match bedding]. What do you ladies think? I like the idea of doing molding all around the room.. but we will be moving before too long & it's just too expensive when we know we will be moving in the future. Also.. the reason I chose to do the 2/3 of the walls pale green, rather than 1/2 is because we are going to hire someone to come and paint some animals around the room. I figured it'd look best to pain the animals on green rather than yellow.

Any opinions? Tell me good or bad.. it won't hurt my feelings LOL!

huge thanks to Jaidynsmum for my lovely siggy!

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